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Worked as lead developer in this major site re-design while working at Planet Propaganda.

Bretford -
Client: Bretford
Launch Date: March 26th, 2006
Agency: Planet Propaganda

My Role: Two major components to this project were 1) implement new site design and 2) develop a complimentary content management system (CMS).

I was responsible for ensuring that the redesigned site adhered to the strict design standards that Planet Propaganda designers had put in place. HTML formatting tags were replaced with CSS and valid XHTML.

Developing the CMS required planning and implementing a secure, reliable, easy-to-use system that would allow product managers to input, manage and relate vast amounts of product data, images and file downloads for hundreds of product categories and literally thousands of individual SKUs on the site.

Technical Summary: Built with Classic ASP, using CSS, XHTML and Javascript.

I used SQL Server stored procedures with the CMS to help ensure data integrity. Stored procedures are also used to help automate batch site updates and system backups.