Dennis Flood Web Site Design and Web Application Development Project Portfolio

About My Web Development

Since developing my first site in 1995, there have been some common threads in all of the sites that I have developed. The sites have been fast and reliable ... the sites have worked in different browsers on different types of computers with different connection speeds ... and the site design has been classically simple. I've come to grips with the fact that simple isn't a dirty word, and I take great pride in making sites that simply work.

I've been making sites for a relatively long time - I've seen a few browser wars come and go, I've seen fads like frames come and go and come back again. I've seen the progression from text-only sites to bandwidth intensive sites with heavy multimedia ... and back to lightweight sites that work for mobile browsers. I've learned what it takes to make a site that works now, for your browser and mine, and that will still be working in a few years with whichever web-enabled tool you might choose to view it with.

Without really changing what I do ... or at least without drastically changing my approach to making web sites, I've had my title change from Webmaster to Web Designer to Web Developer. Through these changes in technology and terminology, I've found that I really like to make web sites. I see myself as a problem solver, and a reasonably good problem solver too.

I'm proficient in a variety of server-side web programming languages, but I spend most of my time working with PHP. Like any well-rounded web developer should, I've spent my share of time working with the more universal web languages and technologies, those being (X)HTML, CSS and Javascript. In the database world I'm comfortable working with SQL Server and MySQL.

Specifics aside, I think the most important thing that I've learned, is simply, how to learn. Given a bit of time and motivation, I feel 100% certain that I could learn any programming language or related technology.

I have a wide range of experiences to draw upon. I have a willingness to learn on my own, to be taught and to teach. I have strong creative thinking and problem solving skills. I like to work ... I work hard ... and my services are available for hire.